Amazon Lands Idaho Murders Doc Series From Directors Liz Garbus, Matthew Galkin
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The 45 Best LGBTQ Shows and Movies Now on Max, from ‘Laramie Project’ to ‘Six Feet Under’
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New Talent Accelerator Industry Standard Launches to Diversify Post-Production Fields (Exclusive)
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The 20 Best True-Crime Documentaries on Max
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‘Power’ Review: A Necessary Examination of America’s History With the Police
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Shortsfest film looks at Texas’ threat to take trans child away from parents
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She binged true crime on Netflix. Then she helped free two men from prison
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Variety FYC Fest: Oscar-Nominated Producers Share Storytelling Journeys Behind ‘Maestro,’ ‘Spider-Verse,’ ‘Flower Moon’ and More
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Oscar-Nominated ‘The Barber Of Little Rock’ Tracks One Man Making A Difference In One Of America’s Neglected Communities – Deadline Virtual Screening Series
February 16, 2024 ->
Oscar nominee ‘Barber of Little Rock’ exposes wealth gap in US
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TheWrap Screening Series: Filmmakers Behind Oscar-Nominated Doc Shorts Praise Unsung Heroes
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Nat Geo Orders Sally Ride Doc & Stéphane Bourgoin Series As Anthony Mackie Takes Over ‘Shark Beach’
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Watch The Barber of Little Rock: One Man’s Fight to Close the Racial Wealth Gap | The New Yorker
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Best TV Episodes of 2023 | The New York Times
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Exclusive: Story Syndicate-Matthew Galkin dealExclusive: “Murder in Big Horn” helmer signs overall deal with Story Syndicate
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Take Care of Maya - Real Screen Winner
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Dwyane Wade Talks Oscar-Nominated Documentary, Kobe Bryant's Inspiration & Versace Sunglasses Line
January 27, 2024 ->
Dwyane Wade talks life after NBA, new podcast, Oscar nom
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Oscar-Nominated Film “The Barber of Little Rock” Explores Banking While Black | Amanpour and Company
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One Man’s Fight to Close the Racial Wealth Gap, in “The Barber of Little Rock”
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The Best Documentaries and Docuseries of 2023
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The Best TV Shows of 2023 | The New Yorker
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One Man's Fight to Close the Racial Wealth Gap, in "The Barber of Little Rock"
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The Best TV Shows of 2023 | Vulture
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Dwyane Wade-EP’d Doc Short ‘The Barber of Little Rock’ Acquired by the New Yorker for Oscar Run (Exclusive)
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The Best TV Shows of 2023
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Jurors in $220 million ‘Take Care of Maya’ case find hospital liable for malpractice
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Realscreen Awards 2024 nominees unveiled
November 1, 2023 ->
‘The 1619 Project,’ ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ Lead Charge As Cinema Eye Honors Announces First Round Of Documentary Nominations [Full List]
October 19, 2023 ->
DOC NYC, Key Indicator for Oscars’ Documentary Feature Category, Announces Shortlist Including ‘American Symphony’ and ‘Every Body’
October 17, 2023 ->
Liz Garbus, Dan Cogan’s Story Syndicate Launches Scripted Division Led by Nellie Reed (EXCLUSIVE)
October 12, 2023 ->
Erin Lee Carr Talks ‘The Ringleader: The Case of Bling Ring’ and Finding ‘WTF’ Docs
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Burglar recalls Bling Ring's first hit at Paris Hilton's home in exclusive 'Ringleader' clip
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‘These kids were all struggling’: the real story behind The Bling Ring
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Rachel Lee Wasn’t Sure She’d Ever Speak About the Bling Ring. Erin Lee Carr Helped Her Find a Way
September 29, 2023 ->
The Bling Ring’s Supposed Leader Finally Speaks Out
September 21, 2023 ->
Parents' Guide to Unknown: Killer Robots
August 31, 2023 ->
Woman tied to Vanessa Guillén’s slaying given 30-year prison term
August 14, 2023 ->
Turn On Recommendation for “Last Call”
August 11, 2023 ->
Last Call: When a Serial Killer Stalked Queer NY review – a masterclass in righteous, savvy TV
August 4, 2023 ->
HBO’s “Last Call” Spotlights Rising Anti-LGBTQ Violence: “Now Is Not the Time to Sit Quietly”
August 1, 2023 ->
HBO's 'Last Call' is true crime done right
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07-25-23: Parents' Guide to Unknown: Cosmic Time Machine
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Unknown: Cosmic Time Machine Review – Failure is not an option
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New Yorker, Goings On About Town - Last Call
July 24, 2023 →
Unknown: Cave of Bones: There's a lot to be engrossed by in Netflix's latest archaeology documentary
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‘Unknown: Cave of Bones’ Review: Making Us Human
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Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Unknown: Cave of Bones’ on Netflix, a Documentary Aiming to Blow Up Notions of What It Means to be Human
July 17, 2023->
HBO’s ‘Last Call’ Director Almost Passed on the True Crime Docuseries: ‘My Biggest Concern Was Re-Victimizing the Queer Community’
July 16, 2023 ->
‘Take Care of Maya’ Filmmakers Say They Hear From Families Every Day Who See Themselves in Kowalskis’ Medical Nightmare
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HBO's Newest True Crime Docuseries Offers Much More Than You Think
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Unknown: Killer Robots Review – A terrifying insight into the nature of war
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The Lost Pyramid movie review: Netflix’s thrilling new documentary works as an apology for that dreadful Cleopatra movie
July 7, 2023 ->
HBO’s Last Call Is the Rare True-Crime Doc That Does Right by the Victims
July 7, 2023 ->
‘Last Call: When a Serial Killer Stalked Queer New York’ Review: HBO Docuseries Pays Powerful Tribute to Lives Lost
July 1, 2023 →
Last Call Sees What Most True Crime Misses
July 7th, 2023 ->
Last Call Is About a Murderer—and, More Importantly, His Gay Victims
July 6th, 2023 ->
Unknown: The Lost Pyramid Review – an engaging race against the clock educational documentary
July 3, 2023 ->
Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Unknown: The Lost Pyramid’ On Netflix, A Documentary About An Egyptologist’s Quest To Find The Pyramid Of A Forgotten King
July 3, 2023 ->
Take Care Of Maya Uncovers A Systemic Misdiagnosis Of Child Abuse
June 21, 2023 ->
‘Stolen Youth’ chronicles a years-long reign of abuse of young people by a cult leader
June 19, 2023 ->
A Shocking Accusation of Munchausen by Proxy Leads to a Mom’s Death by Suicide: 'I Want Justice' (Exclusive)
June 7, 2023 ->
The 6 Best Documentaries to Watch Right Now
May 5, 2023 ->
Netflix, Story Syndicate Team On Four-Part Docuseries ‘Unknown’ Telling Tales Of “Adventure And Exploration” In “Uncharted Territories”; Premiere Date Set
May 18, 2023 ->
A Rare Exploration of the Deprogramming Process, in “Stolen Youth: Inside the Cult at Sarah Lawrence”
March 1, 2023 ->
The Daily Stream: Stolen Youth: Inside the Cult at Sarah Lawerence Sets A New Standard For True Crime Media
February 28, 2023 ->
‘Stolen Youth,’ Hulu’s Sarah Lawrence Sex Cult Doc, Stands Apart From the Worst of True Crime
February 17, 2023 ->
Stream It or Skip It: ‘Stolen Youth: Inside the Cult at Sarah Lawrence’ on Hulu, a Deep Dive into a Collegiate Sex Cult
February 9, 2023 ->
Film Inquiry: STOLEN YOUTH: INSIDE THE CULT AT SARAH LAWRENCE: A Nightmarish Documentary Of Pain, Trauma And Hope
February 9, 2023 ->
‘Stolen Youth’ goes inside Larry Ray’s cult-like control over Sarah Lawrence students
February 9, 2023 ->
‘Stolen Youth’: Heartbreaking Hulu doc details how Sarah Lawrence students fell under the spell of a cruel manipulator
February 8, 2023 ->
‘Stolen Youth’ Director on Surprising Way He Obtained Footage, Why He Didn’t Include Interview With Sarah Lawrence Cult Leader Larry Ray
February 9, 2023 ->
Sarah Lawrence Sex Cult Survivors Relive Horrors in Hulu Docuseries ‘Stolen Youth’
December 13, 2022 ->
Sarah Lawrence Sex Cult Survivors Relive Horrors in Hulu Docuseries ‘Stolen Youth’ — Watch Trailer
December 13, 2022 ->
‘Harry & Meghan‘ Becomes Netflix’s Biggest Documentary Debut Ever
December 13, 2022 →
A New Documentary Grapples With the Sarah Lawrence Cult
December 12, 2022 →
"I Am Vanessa Guillen" Doc Reminds Us of Our Political Power
December 9, 2022 ->
‘Harry & Meghan’ Scores Netflix’s Highest UK Ratings Of The Year
December 9, 2022 →
Striving to Make Netflix’s Harry and Meghan Series ‘Personal and Raw’
December 8, 2022 →
The Hollywood Reporter’s 2022 Women in Entertainment Power 100
December 7, 2022 →
‘I Am Vanessa Guillen’ documentary shows good can come from tragedy
November 21, 2022 →
‘Rust’ Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins Getting Docu Treatment From Story Syndicate
November 16, 2022 →
'I am Vanessa Guillen' documentary zeroes in on a family's quest that instigated military reform
November 16, 2022 →
‘Eat the Rich’: Difficulty level’s low in Netflix doc explaining the bizarre surge of GameStop stock
September 28, 2022 →
‘Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga’ presents the David-vs.-Goliath battle that roiled Wall Street
September 28, 2022 →
Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga, review: a rollicking tale of how millennials took on the stock market
September 28, 2022 →
Fun Netflix Docuseries ‘Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga’ Will Make You Learn Something
September 28, 2022 →
‘Children of the Underground’ Review: FX Docuseries Looks at Misinformation in Abuse Allegations
August 8, 2022 →
One Woman’s ‘Underground Railroad’ for Molested Children Raises New Questions
August 8, 2022 →
‘The Bourne Identity’s’ Doug Liman to Adapt ‘Rise and Kill First’ for Story Syndicate, Abot Hameiri
May 18, 2022 →
Liz Garbus and Dan Cogan’s Story Syndicate Expands Documentary Team
April 11, 2022 →
Story Syndicate’s Liz Garbus And Dan Cogan Talk Growth In 2022 And The Secret To Success
December 28, 2021 →
‘Torn’ and ‘Becoming Cousteau’ Directors Share The Personal Motivations of Their Films
December 9, 2021 →
"Jacques Cousteau's promise to our planet can't go unfulfilled any longer"
December 9, 2021 →
The Hollywood Reporter’s Annual(ish) Women in Entertainment Power 100
December 8, 2021 →
“I Didn’t Want to Leave Any Stone Unturned”: Questlove, Todd Haynes, Liz Garbus and the THR Documentary Roundtable
December 2, 2021 →
Meet the Documentary Masterminds Behind Non-Fiction Hits ‘Becoming Cousteau,’ ‘Fauci,’ and More
November 23, 2021 →
How ‘Becoming Cousteau’ Producer Story Syndicate Built Up Its Powerful Documentary Pipeline
November 22, 2021 →
Dan Cogan and Liz Garbus’ Story Syndicate Production Company Adds Four Executives
November 8, 2021 →