New Yorker, Goings On About Town - Last Call
July 24, 2023 →
HBO’s ‘Last Call’ Director Almost Passed on the True Crime Docuseries: ‘My Biggest Concern Was Re-Victimizing the Queer Community’
July 16, 2023 ->
HBO’s Last Call Is the Rare True-Crime Doc That Does Right by the Victims
July 7, 2023 ->
‘Last Call: When a Serial Killer Stalked Queer New York’ Review: HBO Docuseries Pays Powerful Tribute to Lives Lost
July 1, 2023 →
A Shocking Accusation of Munchausen by Proxy Leads to a Mom’s Death by Suicide: 'I Want Justice' (Exclusive)
June 7, 2023 ->
‘Stolen Youth’: Heartbreaking Hulu doc details how Sarah Lawrence students fell under the spell of a cruel manipulator
February 8, 2023 ->
Striving to Make Netflix’s Harry and Meghan Series ‘Personal and Raw’
December 8, 2022 →
‘Rust’ Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins Getting Docu Treatment From Story Syndicate
November 16, 2022 →
‘Harry & Meghan’ Scores Netflix’s Highest UK Ratings Of The Year
December 9, 2022 →
‘Harry & Meghan‘ Becomes Netflix’s Biggest Documentary Debut Ever
December 13, 2022 →
‘I Am Vanessa Guillen’ documentary shows good can come from tragedy
November 21, 2022 →
'I am Vanessa Guillen' documentary zeroes in on a family's quest that instigated military reform
November 16, 2022 →
A New Documentary Grapples With the Sarah Lawrence Cult
December 12, 2022 →
The Hollywood Reporter’s 2022 Women in Entertainment Power 100
December 7, 2022 →
‘Eat the Rich’: Difficulty level’s low in Netflix doc explaining the bizarre surge of GameStop stock
September 28, 2022 →
‘Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga’ presents the David-vs.-Goliath battle that roiled Wall Street
September 28, 2022 →
Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga, review: a rollicking tale of how millennials took on the stock market
September 28, 2022 →
Fun Netflix Docuseries ‘Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga’ Will Make You Learn Something
September 28, 2022 →
‘Children of the Underground’ Review: FX Docuseries Looks at Misinformation in Abuse Allegations
August 8, 2022 →
One Woman’s ‘Underground Railroad’ for Molested Children Raises New Questions
August 8, 2022 →
‘The Bourne Identity’s’ Doug Liman to Adapt ‘Rise and Kill First’ for Story Syndicate, Abot Hameiri
May 18, 2022 →
Liz Garbus and Dan Cogan’s Story Syndicate Expands Documentary Team
April 11, 2022 →
Story Syndicate’s Liz Garbus And Dan Cogan Talk Growth In 2022 And The Secret To Success
December 28, 2021 →
‘Torn’ and ‘Becoming Cousteau’ Directors Share The Personal Motivations of Their Films
December 9, 2021 →
"Jacques Cousteau's promise to our planet can't go unfulfilled any longer"
December 9, 2021 →
The Hollywood Reporter’s Annual(ish) Women in Entertainment Power 100
December 8, 2021 →
“I Didn’t Want to Leave Any Stone Unturned”: Questlove, Todd Haynes, Liz Garbus and the THR Documentary Roundtable
December 2, 2021 →
Meet the Documentary Masterminds Behind Non-Fiction Hits ‘Becoming Cousteau,’ ‘Fauci,’ and More
November 23, 2021 →
How ‘Becoming Cousteau’ Producer Story Syndicate Built Up Its Powerful Documentary Pipeline
November 22, 2021 →
Dan Cogan and Liz Garbus’ Story Syndicate Production Company Adds Four Executives
November 8, 2021 →
Liz Garbus on How Jacques Cousteau Sounded the Alarm for Climate Change: ‘Very Little Has Been Done and It’s Quite Tragic'
October 27, 2021 →
‘Becoming Cousteau’ Shows the Evolution of the Underwater Icon
October 25, 2021 →
How ‘Becoming Cousteau’ Producer Story Syndicate Built Up Its Powerful Documentary Pipeline
October 22, 2021 →
‘Becoming Cousteau’ Review: An Immersive Deep Dive Into the Life of Jacques Cousteau, the Undersea Visionary
October 21, 2021 →
‘Becoming Cousteau’ Review: The Old Man and the Sea
October 21, 2021 →
‘Fauci’ Directors Talk Pandemic Polarization and the Emotional Interview That “Caught All of Us By Surprise”
October 4, 2021 →
‘Britney vs Spears’ Director on Why She Plans to Stay With Pop Star’s Story “For the Rest of My Life”
October 3, 2021 →
Britney vs. Spears Asks: What Does It Mean to Be a Powerful Woman and Have Your Voice Silenced?
October 1, 2021 →
How Making Nuclear Family Helped Documentarian Ry Russo-Young Come to Terms With Her Past
September 26, 2021 →
Inside HBO's Nuclear Family—and a Lesbian Family's Fight To Exist
September 23, 2021 →
‘Britney vs Spears’ Producer: ‘Sunlight Is the Best Disinfectant’ for Exposing the Pop Star’s Conservatorship Battle
September 28, 2021 →
The Bombshell That Blew Up Two Lesbian Moms’ Loving ‘Nuclear Family’
September 28, 2021 →
In ‘Nuclear Family,’ a Filmmaker Frames Herself
September 22, 2021 →
Dr. Fauci, Movie Star
September 22, 2021 →
HBO’s ‘Nuclear Family’: TV Review
September 22, 2021 →
Britney Spears Netflix Documentary to Explore Conservatorship
September 22, 2021 →
How Netflix’s new Britney Spears documentary hopes to get her story right
September 22, 2021 →
Netflix Debuts Trailer for New Britney Spears Documentary ‘Britney vs Spears’
September 22, 2021 →
Liz Garbus on Her Toronto Doc ‘Becoming Cousteau'
September 10, 2021 →
‘Fauci’ Review: The First Pandemic That Shaped the Good Doc
September 9, 2021 →
Review: ‘Fauci’ illuminates even as it flatters ‘America’s doctor’
September 9, 2021 →
Review: ‘Fauci’ shows how a mild-mannered infectious disease expert became a cultural lightning rod
September 8, 2021 →
‘Becoming Cousteau’ Review: Jacques Cousteau’s Undersea World Comes Alive in Liz Garbus’ Documentary
September 3, 2021 →
‘Becoming Cousteau’: Film Review | Telluride 2021
September 2, 2021 →
Telluride Documentary Filmmakers From Liz Garbus to Matt Dillon Preview Their Projects
September 1, 2021 →
HBO slates “Nuclear Family” docuseries
August 19,2021 →
HBO's Nuclear Family Explores Lesbian Couple's Unprecedented Fight to Save Their Family
August 19, 2021 →
It Starts On The Page: Read The Emmy-Nominated Script For Amazon’s ‘All In: The Fight For Democracy’ & Q&A With Writer Jack Youngelson
August 12, 2021 →
9 Toronto Film Festival Documentaries That Could Shake Up the Oscars
August 5, 2021 →
TIFF Unveils Docs, Midnight Madness & Wavelengths Lineup With Palme d’Or Winner ‘Titane’, Liz Garbus’ ‘Becoming Cousteau’ & More
August 4, 2021 →
‘Ted Lasso,’ ‘WandaVision,’ & ‘I May Destroy You’ Lead 2021 TCA Award Nominations
July 15, 2021 →
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Set Animated Series at Netflix
July 14, 2021 →
HBO Docuseries ‘I’ll Be Gone In The Dark’ Explores Consequences Of Writer Michelle McNamara’s Obsessive Hunt For The Golden State Killer
June 23, 2021 →
‘Pose’ and ‘WandaVision’ Lead Dorian TV Nominations
June 17, 2021 →
Liz Garbus Dissects Parallels Between ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Season 4 Finale and ‘I’ll Be Gone in the Dark’
June 15, 2021 →
HBO Announces New Episode of True Crime Docuseries ‘I’ll Be Gone in the Dark’
May 27, 2021 →
The Hollywood Reporter’s 2021 Women in Entertainment Power 100
May 12, 2021 →
Peabody Awards Nominees: ‘Euphoria,’ ‘Ted Lasso,’ ‘I May Destroy You,’ and More
May 4, 2021 →
Apple sets Jamie Foxx, Kevin Hart docs about Black actors’ achievements
April 22, 2021 →
Apple Original Films Sets Companion Docs ‘Number One On The Call Sheet’ With Jamie Foxx, Kevin Hart And Datari Turner Producing
April 21, 2021 →
Stacey Abrams On Her Oscar-Contending Doc ‘All In,’ And How To “Right-Size Our Democracy”
March 8, 2021 →
Stacey Abrams Receives PGA Mark, Is Oscar-Eligible for 'All In: The Fight for Democracy' (Exclusive)
March 02, 2021 →
Amazon Studios boards Jesse Moss doc “Mayor Pete”
February 23, 2021 →
Pete Buttigieg Doc 'Mayor Pete' Lands at Amazon Studios
February, 22, 2021 →
Pete Buttigieg Documentary From ‘Boys State’ Director Lands at Amazon Studios (EXCLUSIVE)
February, 22, 2021 →
GameStop Docuseries From Story Syndicate in the Works at Netflix
February, 11, 2021 →
Netflix Bets On GameStop Documentary Series From Liz Garbus & Dan Cogan’s Story Syndicate
February, 11, 2021 →
Dr. Anthony Fauci Documentary in the Works
February, 01, 2021 →
Dr. Anthony Fauci Doc in the Works at Nat Geo From Dan Cogan, Liz Garbus
February 1, 2021 →
Dr. Anthony Fauci Documentary In Works At Nat Geo From Oscar And Emmy Winners; Watch First Trailer
February 1, 2021 →
‘Ariana Grande: Excuse Me, I Love You' Review: It’s Mutual
December 22, 2020 →
Anti-Semitism Documentary ‘The Conspiracy’ in Production (EXCLUSIVE)
December 20, 2020 →
The Directors of Stacey Abrams Documentary ‘All In’ Share How to Tune Out the GOP Right Now
November 20, 2020 →
In New Documentary, Stacey Abrams Probes The State Of Voter Suppression In 2020
September 5, 2020 →
Inside Stacey Abrams' "Monster Movie" About Voter Suppression
August 28, 2020 →
I’ll Be Gone in the Dark Makes Us Ponder Our Own True-Crime Fixations
July 27, 2020 →
‘I’ll Be Gone in the Dark’ isn’t just another true-crime docuseries. It’s a brilliant look at how the genre pulls us in.
July 27, 2020 →
Amazon Sets Release Date for Stacey Abrams Voting Rights Documentary
July 26, 2020 →
Finally, a Sensitive, Intelligent True-Crime Docuseries
June 30, 2020 →
I’ll Be Gone in the Dark Is a Riveting Story of Murder and Grief
June 26, 2020 →
Amazon Studios takes Story Syndicate’s voting rights doc featuring Stacey Abrams
June 18, 2020 →
Liz Garbus Is Taking Back the Voices Stolen by the Golden State Killer
June 24, 2020 →
Cynthia Erivo Sets Quibi Docuseries ‘What We Keep’ Based on the Bill Shapiro Book
May 28, 2020 →
How Hollywood Works Now: Liz Garbus and Dan Cogan Rethink How to Make Documentaries
April 08, 2020 →
Liz Garbus, Dan Cogan Launch Production Company
June 17, 2019 →
Documentarians Dan Cogan and Liz Garbus Launch New Production Company — Exclusive
June 17, 2019 →
NatGeo Dives Into Jacques Cousteau Documentary With Oscar-Lauded Team
May 08, 2019 →
How 'The Fourth Estate' Filmmaker Captured Trump's Impact on Journalism
August 02, 2018 →
Nina Simone: 'Are you ready to burn buildings?'
March 21, 2016 →
Nina Simone documentary shows how Netflix outshines HBO this summer
June 29, 2015 →