Last Call: When a Serial Killer Stalked Queer New York

Anthony Coronna
Howard Gertler, Yusef Alsuhaimi, Grace Fardella, Meghan Doherty

Last Call: When a Serial Killer Stalked Queer New York, tells the story of the LGBTQ+ community's fight to solve a series of murders in New York City in the early 1990s.

In the 1990s, as hate crimes were on the rise and the AIDS crisis escalated, a serial killer preyed upon New York City's gay men. The HBO Original, four-part documentary series Last Call: When a Serial Killer Stalked Queer New York dives into the deep-rooted biases of the criminal justice system and illuminates how the LGBTQ+ community fought to solve the murders and demand fair treatment of queer crime victims.

HBO Documentary Films presents Last Call: When a Serial Killer Stalked Queer New York a Story Syndicate Production in association with Little Punk, a Series by Anthony Caronna & Howard Gertler. Directed by Anthony Caronna; executive produced by Howard Gertler, Liz Garbus, Dan Cogan, Jon Bardin, Kate Barry, Anthony Caronna, Elon Green, Charlize Theron, Beth Kono, AJ Dix, and Matt Maher. Producers Yusef Alsuhaimi and Grace Fardella. For HBO: executive producers, Nancy Abraham, Lisa Heller, and Tina Nguyen.

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