Number One On the Call Sheet

Reginald Hudlin, Shola Lynch
Angela Bassett, Halle Berry, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Hart, Datari Turner, Dan Cogan, Reginald Hudlin, Bryan Smiley

Number One on the Call Sheet: Black Leading Women in Hollywood, directed by Shola Lynch, celebrates Black achievement in the film industry and what it takes for Black actresses to find success in the film business.

Number One on the Call Sheet: Black Leading Men in Hollywood, will be directed by Reginald Hudlin and chronicles the experiences of Black actors who paved the way for today’s Black American stars in Hollywood.

Apple Original Films Sets Companion Docs ‘Number One On The Call Sheet’ With Jamie Foxx, Kevin Hart And Datari Turner Producing
April 21, 2021 →
Apple sets Jamie Foxx, Kevin Hart docs about Black actors’ achievements
April 22, 2021 →
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