John Hoffman, Janet Tobias
Jon Bardin, Carolyn Bernstein, Dan Cogan, Ines Farag, Julie Gaither, Liz Garbus, Ryan Harrington, Robert Lopez, Mark Monroe, Alexandra Moss

The career and life of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the public servant who has advised seven U.S. presidents beginning with the AIDS pandemic in the 1980s and through SARS, Ebola and now Covid-19.

‘Fauci’ Directors Talk Pandemic Polarization and the Emotional Interview That “Caught All of Us By Surprise”
October 4, 2021 →
Dr. Fauci, Movie Star
September 22, 2021 →
‘Fauci’ Review: The First Pandemic That Shaped the Good Doc
September 9, 2021 →
Review: ‘Fauci’ illuminates even as it flatters ‘America’s doctor’
September 9, 2021 →
Review: ‘Fauci’ shows how a mild-mannered infectious disease expert became a cultural lightning rod
September 8, 2021 →
Dr. Anthony Fauci Doc in the Works at Nat Geo From Dan Cogan, Liz Garbus
February 1, 2021 →
Dr. Anthony Fauci Documentary In Works At Nat Geo From Oscar And Emmy Winners; Watch First Trailer
February 1, 2021 →
Dr. Anthony Fauci Documentary in the Works
February, 01, 2021 →
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